About Us

As we are heading step by step towards Globalization and IT being a one  stop solution for every query and issue; We at SWITZNET, a UK based IT Solutions  firm, cohesively believe in combining technological expertise with professional  intelligence.

At Switznet, our mission is to emerge as a technologically self motivated dynamic organization.

We offer Computer related and Software related services to our esteemed clients, ranging from diverse technical support to effective and efficient manpower support, thereby strengthening the TRUST of our customers which has been invested in us over a period of time.

Often we probe a question to ourselves, whether an Anti Virus is really required for our computers and the answer is YES, especially because in our fast moving day to day IT business, it is essential to have a licensed version of an anti virus because it protects your computer from all types of viruses and malwares and keeps all your data, whether personal or professional totally intact.

Hence our main product at Switznet is the Anit Virus called the Titanium Internet Security.

Apart from IT Solutions, we also provide Computers, Laptops and other Peripherals. We specialize as a Domain Provider. We provide assistance for Web Hosting, Content Writing and Web Development.

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